Passively Coupled VTOL Tiltrotor

View the only Continuously Variable Transition VTOL/FW Aircraft in action.

This aircraft is capable of hover as well as efficient forward winged flight. The passive coupling system delivers seamless and continuous transitions without any switching logic. This novel design allows for a very simple and robust controller to operate all the flight modes.

This new approach decouples the tilt of the thrusters from the fixed-wing frame thus allowing independent pitch of the two sub-systems relative to each other. This decoupling results in naturally stable transitions and the continuous use of the rotors for hover as well as forward winged flight. The system can be considered as a tilting quadrotor passively coupled to a winged airframe via a swivel mechanism.

This design is scalable to suit any application and is also appropriate for human passengers since unlike most VTOLs, the fuselage remains horizontal at all times, even when facing the wind.

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View the only Continuously Variable Transition VTOL/FW Aircraft in action.

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